Monday, May 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Remember the book Good Night Moon? Well they've branched out, far out.
This same author now offers a Good Night book for several locations such as Texas, America, California, Colorado, New York City, Washington DC, Beach, and the World just to name a few.
Although these are simple board books which are normally relegated to babies and toddlers, the information on the pages prompts older children to ask questions and become intrigued with new places. For example when reading Good Night America to Savannah we stayed on the Washington D.C. page forever talking about the national monuments and even the logistics of our government. On the next page we were discussing the everglades and the wildlife that inhabits there. These are perfect if you are embarking on a vacation to a new place this summer with your kids. Or they are a great conversation starter if you just want them to know there is a world out there beyond our city even if we can't get out there and see it right now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where I'm Coming From

A couple of weeks ago I began to post the our family's food journal. But as I read my posts I realized they weren't adequate to help people. Important information was missing. For example what we don't eat is almost more crucial than what we do eat. And I never got around to posting why we eat the things we do. So let's start over from the beginning and I will tell you where I am coming from as a dietitian.

Since college I have strived to eat healthy but that can entail an array of ideals depending on the decade.

"Eat eggs. they are the perfect protein."

"No, eat egg whites because they don't have the fat and cholesterol. You don't want heart disease do you?"

"No, eat the whole egg because the yolk has fat soluble vitamins."

"I hear egg beaters are best because they aren't even eggs!"

"Don't eat eggs at all. They come from an animal!"

"Wait, you have to buy cage free eggs. Then, it's ok."

"No, buy the eggs fortified with omega 3 fatty acids. They help your heart. But I don't know if you are still just suppose to eat the whites."

"Didn't you hear that the American heart Association now says we can have 2 eggs per week and we won't die immediately afterwards?"

And that's just on the topic of eggs. I could go on about carbs, fat, meat, milk, whole wheat, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and a million other food items. Is the on going debate of what exactly is healthy overwhelming you?

No matter what food item we choose to follow the debate on over the years the same theme remains. It begins with a food found in nature, man decides the food is bad and/or he can make it better, hype surrounds this new epiphany, everyone MUST consume it, years later it is discovered this new version is toxic, research shows the original version was actually healthy but now people are scared to eat either.

Think about it. Pick a food and see if my theory fits.

This same theme is found in the bible over and over again when man thinks he has a better plan than God. Man then screws things up. And when things are bad enough he returns to God's perfect plan.

The food we consume is so far from what God created for us.

Our great grandmothers cooked with meat from the local farm or their own, vegetables from their garden, milk from their cows, and eggs from their chickens. (these are actualy "whole foods" by the way, not processed food you buy at the store Whole Foods. I love them but they have plenty of junk too.)

Our grandmothers cooked with meat sometimes from the grocery store, vegetables sometimes from the garden, milk from the milk man, and sometimes some canned goods to make things easier.

Our moms cooked with meat, eggs, milk and vegetables from the grocery store, store bought bread, canned goods, and occasionally they bought fast food.

Our generation does not cook with ingredients. Recipes call for a can of this, 2 cans of that, a jar of this, and a box of that. Actual food is not listed. The rest of the diet is filled in with fast food.

We don't know how to cook with real food. We don't even know what real food is.

Because God does not make mistakes and man cannot help but make mistakes our family avoids manufactured (man-made) foods. Nutrition trends will come and go but in the end research ( I am a science gal after all you know) always backs God-made food.

So when you are trying to figure out if you should avoid genetically modified foods, pesticides, or fruit loops ask yourself these questions:

Is this something that naturally occurs in nature?
Have people been eating this for thousands of years or is this new?
Does it resemble the way it is found naturally in nature?

Try it on any food, you will be amazed.

I am starting a food blog that will be up soon that goes into this and so much more in detail. Most importantly I will show you what this mantra looks like on the dinner table (and let me tell you the Peteets eat some really good food!).

If you live locally I will be teaching a class this summer for fellow mommas (it will be a play date for the kiddos). Contact me if you want more info.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Got Back

Savannah came home from school yesterday and she was promptly told to change into play clothes. After obeying her mother she came to me saying, "Do I walk funny in these capri pants? They feel kind of funny."

I turned around to inquire about her odd ramblings but was unable to comment due to laughter from the sight before me. The "capri" pants in questions= were actually the jeans of her 4 month old brother. When my laughter subsided I lifted her shirt and saw that she was even able to button the jeans that are tight on Archer's belly. Laughter roared again with Savannah joining in.

Have you seen Shrek 2? Remember when the Shrek is turned into a handsome man and he steals clothes from a rich man and they are tiny on him? Do you remember Donkey and Puss in Boots fall on the ground laughing when they see him in the tiny clothes? That was actually video from this scene in my kitchen.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Savannah's blog post

savannah loves popping corn. savannah loves playing outside with friends.

Archer's Stats

Yesterday Archer went for his 4 month check up at the doctor's office. I cannot believe he is 4 months old already. He weighed in at just under 16 pounds and is 25 inches long. He has sweet chubby cheeks that are so big they often rest on his chest and beg to be smothered in kisses. Above those irresistible cheeks are 2 big dark blue eyes that seek only to hold your gaze. Archer searches until he makes eye contact and then holds it until you break it. Sometimes I feel as if he can see down into my soul.
He is still a fairly quiet baby who prefers to spend his days outside. The two things that always seem to sooth him should he get fussy are his sister in his face talking to him and the front porch swing. The latter has become an evening ritual for the whole family. Just the other day I sat on our front porch swing with Archer in my lap and Savannah by my side reading the tales of Brer Rabbit no less, with azaleas blooming all around me and thought, "It really doesn't get more southern than this. Here I sit rocking my babies on the porch surrounded by quintessential southern garden beauties and a good southern book." All I was missing was a glass of iced tea. Unfortunately I don't drink iced tea.
Before you start thinking our little man is the perfect baby I must confess he has a fault. Apparently he got wind that he might be our last baby. And in thinking that he has his position as baby of the family is secured for life he has begun to play the part. His sweet and happy disposition quickly changes to pouty fussiness when attention is diverted from him. I'm not sure how to nip this habit in the bud. Suggestions are welcome. I am thinking about having staged conversations in front of him about how Daddy and I plan to have 4 more kids. Maybe this will prompt him to fall in line as a team player. Do you think it will work?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tiny Dancer

The night before her recital I began to discuss with Savannah her hair for the next day. At first she didn't want to sleep in the infamous pink curlers. While I debated this issue with her her dad stated his case that they are not comfortable as if comfort plays a part in how a female looks.

Men, they are so funny.

Pink curlers are a right of passage that every little girl must endure numerous time.

In the end Savannah too agreed they must be slept in before a big event.

What little dancers do when they think no one is looking.

Annabelle, Cate, Meadow, and Savannah have all been buds since they were mere babes in the MOPS nursery.

Tap dancin' to Friendship Boogie
Savannah is on the back row 2nd from the right in all the on stage pics.

This was my favorite costume.

Audra and Savannah backstage looking way too grown up.

"In My Ballet Shoes"
They look so sweet when they are all doing the same thing.

And then there are times that no 2 girls are doing the same move.
Recitals are always entertaining.
At least it wasn't just one girl who was way off, it was everybody.
They really did do a good job.

Dancing to the Ice Cream Freeze for the finale.
I think this was Savannah's favorite. She really boogied to this one.

The proud Daddy and his little girl.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From the kitchen...

We had family in town this past weekend for Savannah's dance recital (pictures coming soon) and then Archer got pink eye. All that is to say I have not had time to blog. Our poor little guy is grumpy and requiring lots of holding.

However, I think posting what we eat when things are busier than normal is even more important than posting our normal food. But since I am short on time I will give you the best meal and the worst meal. Everything else was somewhere in between.

Saturday night: Fresh caught wild salmon grilled, fall vegetables (acorn squash, sweet potatoes, apples), and whole steamed artichokes. Everything in this meal is a favorite of Savannah's. I think she ate 8oz. of salmon by herself. The artichokes are fun for all kids. You pull off a leaf and dip it in melted organic or farm fresh butter with fresh squeezed lemon juice and then bite off the meat. What kid doesn't like to dip stuff?

Sunday night: After the dance recital we let Savannah pick a place to eat out and she chose a local pizza place.

Tonight: homemade pancakes (cornmeal, oatmeal, wheat flour, buttermilk, and some other stuff) using my favorite recipe ever and scrambled farm fresh eggs. It was the best I could do with a fussy baby.

I will get back in the swing of my reporting tomorrow along with info on why we eat the things we eat, how we make it, and tons more info. Hmmm, perhaps I need to move this show off the family blog and start a food blog. Just a thought...