Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lee Ann said it all

Savannah getting ready for a hike one summer in Aspen.

Just hanging out at our house. What else do you do when you have a cute little girl other than dress her up and take lots of pictures?

Easter of course.

The other day I was sitting in our sun room on the comfy couch with the french doors open letting in the spring sunshine and I thought of Lee Ann's blog, "These are the good old days." How true that is! and not because of the amazingly gorgeous weather. There I sat on a beautiful day with Savannah beside me reading several early readers to me. I watched her excitement and confidence grow with each book she read. Meanwhile Archer laid on the ottoman beside us smiling and listening to the sing song sound of reading. I had both of my children together as I witnessed the miracle of their childhood and all in entails.

The preschool years are short but sweet. Since having Archer I have had several strangers young and old stop me and say that the best years of their life were when they were home with their young kids before they grew up and went to school. I couldn't agree more.

A few days ago Mark and I looked at pictures of Savannah over the years. They brought back many memories of mine and Savannah's days together at home reading books and playing and all the adventures and trips we were able to have since I didn't work. It's fun to see her grow up and learn so many new things. Our conversations are more in depth and very entertaining. But sometimes I miss the days when she was my cuddly 2 year old at home with me. Thank goodness I had another baby and I get to start these years all over again!

Wow. These really are the good old days right before my eyes.

Archer this week. I had to post this pic to show off that belly.

Archer on Daddy's shoulder just on the edge of sleep.

Smiling on the bathroom changing table.
Oddly enough, this is his favorite place to hang out. Just like a boy. Maybe I should get him a newspaper too.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday March 1, 2010.

Outside my window...rain, rain, rain.

I am thinking...that I solved my "to-do" list problem. I was getting frustrated that I was only getting 1/2 of the things done on my "to-do" list everyday. My solution? Only write down 1/2 of the things I need to get done for the day. Then I'm not disappointed!

I am thankful for...100 degree dry weather in the summer. I may be the only one, but I love the heat and am missing it now.

From the kitchen...Jamaican Beans and Rice. Made with coconut milk it is a much more interesting dish than our traditional beans and rice. Definitely a family favorite.

One of my favorite things...housekeeping and room service. It's time for a vacation!

I am creating...other than breast milk...not much.

I am reading...uh, I checked out an adult book from the library the other day. Does it count that I at least checked one out? Only got to page 14 and now it's overdue.

A few plans for the week... nursing, MOPS steering team meeting tonight with Archer in tow, nursing, work tomorrow with Archer in tow, nursing, getting ready for family to visit for Archer's baby dedication, nursing, and hopefully sleep at some point.

Around the house...things could be cleaner. I finally got around to cleaning the floors and then it began to rain. Needless to say the floor is clean no more.

Here is a picture thought I am sending to you...

Archer Edward (A.K.A., little Mark), 9 weeks old.