Thursday, February 21, 2013

2012 Highlights Part 2

Nothing says fall like our annual trip to Centerville!

And no trip to Centerville (our family reunion) in complete without playing in the dirt with cousins. Sitting beside Arch is my cousin Justin's son Caden.

The freedom of homeschooling allowed us to arrive a day early to the family reunion. A tradition I feel we will continue even when we are back to out-of-the-home school. The kids had their grandparents, great-grandparents, and great aunts and uncles pretty much to themselves. This was a priceless surprise!
Here Savannah is learning how to huck weave from my Great Aunt Patricia. Savannah could not put it down!

Later that day Savannah wondered into the house (the same house my grandmother and her siblings grew up in) and asked my Great Aunt Patsy if they could make something together. Savannah got to bake a pie in the same kitchen her great great grandmother baked in.

He loves to pose just like his daddy.

Savannah and her cousin Carly.
They look as though they have just conquered the wilderness.

My grandmother and all her sailings with their spouses.
So many are missing.
This was our first reunion since my great Aunt Billie passed away.

Have you read the book Otis?
Archer was convinced that this was the friendly little tractor, Otis from his favorite book.

My mom has been in her new house for a year and a half and Archer was the first grandchild to get his head stuck in the rail. Of course it would be Archer.
He yelled, "Momma, help!"
I replied, "Okay honey, Let me get my camera first."