Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some Days...

Some days are like this...

and some days are like this...

Which was is today you ask?

For Savannah and I, it was a dinghy day. We came ashore this morning with our mood, spirit, and mental health all relaxed on a beautiful pristine beach free from overbearing waves of “to do” lists and shaded under mangroves. We never left the house, Savannah is still in her nightgown at 5:41 pm, and we have played endlessly through the day.

I should remember everyday to take that mental dinghy ride ashore.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday, on the way to the doctor’s office, my torn mind contemplated two possibilities. You see, my mother was visiting and had parked her minivan behind me. To make things easier, Savannah and I jumped in her car and headed off for my yearly check-up.

One minute into the drive alarms began to sound in my head. This is comfortable. This is practical. I gasped at the horror! My eyes wondered around the breeder-mobile and every amenity a mom could want surrounded me. It began with putting Savannah into her car seat. It was the same height as me! This was not like the giant SUVs where you have to climb up Mount Everest just to put your little tike in it’s seat. I simply extended my arms straight in front on me and buckled her in. In natural order, I got in my own seat and tried to start the car. It wouldn’t start. In the process of loading the toy bag to entertain Savannah in the doctor’s office, I had absentmindedly left the door open. No problem, just hit a button and it closes by it’s self.

My mental list began to grow with the numerous airbags, window shades, cup holders, and space…ah, the space. But wait, I am not a carpool, lunchable-eating, haven’t done my hair in days, soccer mom! I am “stilettos and foie gras in Paris.” The mini van is the ultimate in saying “I am NOT stilettos and foie gras in Paris!” And besides, I like my cute, little, save-the-world, gas efficient Scion. It’s new (or it was when I bought it the year they came out) and spunkier. But, oh those minivan amenities…

In a utopia a minivan would be trendy and I would be in the driver’s seat with stilettos, MAC make-up, and the infamous little black dress. Mark would be in the passenger seat consoling Savannah that we will be at the restaurant soon and then she could have all the foie gras she wanted when we get there. The floors and seats would be void of cracker crumbs and remnants of dried cranberries and Savannah would be watching a documentary about the Amazon and Manchu Pichu on the DVD player.

But back in the real world stilettos and moms must struggle to coexist while Little Einstein’s plays in the background in lu of an exotic documentary. Let’s face it, I need those mom amenities and stilettos don’t work well on the monkey bars at the park. But I’ll adorn the MAC make-up and settle for a trendy, fitted, and slightly cleavage enhancing outfit for now while the stilettos are relegated to Friday nights and Sunday mornings. And lunchables are out of the question for myself and Savannah no matter what vehicle we choose!

As for the minivan…will I buy one? Not anytime soon (I never say never). Somehow staying with the Scion gives me the sense I have cheated the “mom look” even if it is only in my own eyes ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mr. Ed

Ok, where did Mrs. Kim go with those horses? She told us to wait in this smoltering barn as if I were not already bruning up from fear and anticipation. Does my mom really think I am going to ride an animal bigger than her car? I wonder if Ella or Burton will attempt to get on one of those things?

You have got to be kidding me, here she comes with 3 horses and they are even bigger up close! I want to get close...ok, maybe I don't.

Just a picture you say? I told you I do not want to ride the horse after all. So you just want me to sit for a picture? Well, ok. Since Mrs. Kim is so nice and she sure spent a lot of time telling me all about Mr Ed, I will sit on him for just one picture but don't count on me to pose. It will take all me energy to concentrate on not falling off! Let's get this over with.

Uh, should he be walking while we are taking a picture? I think this feels a bit like riding a horse. Ok, we have gone a few feet now. I am quite sure this is called riding a horse. My Mom is beside me and she is starting to notice the look of panic on my face...but she is smiling. What is she smiling about?

Mrs. Kim is smiling too and asking me how I like Eddie. Wow, I think I do like him. I've gone several feel now on his gentile back and it's not been scary. I love Eddie! I'm riding up high in the sky (high for me anyway) through the forest and across ravines by my self! Ok, Mrs Kim is leading Mr. Ed but I'm flying solo in the saddle.

What? You say I have been riding him for more than 20 minutes and it's time to get off? I want to stay on Eddie forever! He is my new best friend. We both have blond hair. We both like water. Back to the forest not the barn Eddie!

Ug, I guess we can let Ella have a turn.

I love you Eddie and I will come back to see you soon. I don't care how far away you are, I will come back...

Friday, July 25, 2008

It all started one year ago with Savannah admiringly watching wide eyed as her older friend graced the dance studio with freshly learned skill. We were invited to see what the young girl had learned after a week of summer dance camp. And through that performance, we utilized every parenting skill we had to keep Savannah from running out there to join the dancing, and potentially ruining the small recital. Her raw excitement was barely restrainable.

The next year was filled with the repeated question, “When will I be old enough to take dance?” Then one Monday morning it finally happened. Savannah awoke to find me holding her first leotard and tiny ballet slippers. Her instant smile revealed she knew today was the day for her to start the long awaited dance camp.

As she joined her friends at dance class giggling with anticipation, it was hard to determine who was more excited. She or I? Grand adventures stereotypically require global travel, but I am learning more often than not, the adventures at home can rival any exotic expedition.

After is was all over Savannah ran over to hug her teacher. Ok, maybe she was just hitting her up for more snacks but even so I think it's safe to say she loves Mrs Kristi.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peteet Retreat

There's nothing like good ole down home camping with family, neighbors, old friends, and new friends. Throw in cliche passtimes like fishin', fiddling for worms, walking in the woods, eating fried food and watermelon topped off with swimmin' in the fishin' hole, and you have a good time on your hands!
That's a minow in Savannah's hands by the way. We could not keep her out of the minow bucket! At one point we were all swimming in the pond, each of us holding a minow in our hand. Maybe Savannah handed them out because she thought we would swim better. Who knows...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can't Have Summer Without it Lime Ice Cream

I had to post this recipe because several people have asked for it but frankly I can’t remember who! Mark and I have been making this recipe for lime ice cream (not sherbet) several summers now. After the first bite, it quickly became a tradition to make it once a summer. That tradition was soon followed by the tradition of making it for every function we are invited to all summer long. And more than once I have been tempted to get my ice cream maker out as early as January. Is that so wrong?

Can’t Have Summer Without it Lime Ice Cream

1 ½ cups sugar
6 cups half and half
1 Tablespoon grated lime zest
¾ cup fresh lime juice (5-8 limes)
1/8 teaspoon salt

Combine all ingredients and pour into your ice cream freezer. Follow the directions for your ice cream maker after that.

When all the mixing is done, we pack on the ice and rock salt and let is sit for an hour or so while we further roast by the pool in the fiery summer sun thus creating the need for some serious exhilarating refreshment!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's For Dinner?????

When: Last night at dinner
Where: Our abode
The conversation:

“What’s that?” Savannah inquires as she dangles a long stringy onion on the tip of her finger.

“An onion,” Daddy plainly replies.

“An onion?” Savannah echoes.

“Yes, an onion. Try it, you will like it.” he persuades.

A bite is taken and the parents wait with anticipation for the child’s reaction.

“Mmmm, that’s good.” Savannah begins and the parents sigh with relief and gently smile. Then she continues, “It looks like a tapeworm. I like it!”
And then the parents watched with a touch of nausea as she devoured her invertebrate