Monday, May 23, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today May 23, 2011.

Outside my window...the air is as thick as butter. At times you think it's beginning to rain but in reality its just the feeling of humid air on your skin. But I'm not complaining, I love this time of year.

Around the house...children are drifting off to peaceful sleep.

From the kitchen...homemade pizza requested by the family. It's not something we make often but man is it good! We also had a spinach salad with farm fresh ingredients.

I am thankful for...bedtime rituals. Stories, questions, discussing of the day, giggles, and cuddles are a great way to end the day.

I am reading...a book by Zig Ziggler and a book about being the mom God wants you to be. I've read so many informative things over that last few months that I thought I would take a break and check out some fiction from the library. Instead, I turned to these books. Maybe I will try a magazine over the holiday weekend.

I am creating...curtains for Archer's room, finally. Soon I will begin an art project to be hung over my desk. We began the process of remodeling our office over a year ago but this wall space has stood blank. An idea struck yesterday afternoon and the necessary items are now being collected.

One of my favorite things...old friends. My childhood friend Rachel come out to visit be this past weekend. We met in church at the age of 3 and are still able giggle like 3 year olds when we are together. She sat in on my Sunday school class and as the girls spoke we would catch each other's eyes and smirk both going back to the same memories from our teenage years.

A few plans for the rest of the week...welcoming in summer!!!

Here is a picture I am sharing with you...

Archer Edward and his living name-sakes.
Mark's dad, William Edward, Mark Edward, Archer Edward, and my grandfather, Gene Archer. The Edward name continues back more generations on Mark's side. On my side I also have a nephew and cousin whose middle names are Archer in honor of my grnadfather.
Little Arch (or little Ed as his Papa calls him) is blessed not only to be named after great men but he is also blessed to be raised around great men.
Can you tell from the picture that Mark's dad is smitten with this boy?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Senior Sunday

Today was senior recognition day at our church. All of our high school graduating seniors stand in front of the church while our youth pastor lists their accomplishments followed by their hopes and dreams. My job as their Sunday school teacher is to hand them a gift from our church and then I give them a big hug and try not to cry.

At the end of my first year of teaching 12th grade girls I found my inaugural senior recognition Sunday to be a little emotional. I had only one year to get to know these girls but in that time they left a huge impression on me. We are talking about gifted young ladies who love the Lord so much that He shines from them through all their God-given talents. Beautiful, beautiful young ladies. Inside and out. I still miss them.

You could say the next year was a little harder because I had more time with this group. And the year after that... even tougher. I squeezed one of my past seniors who was home from college today so hard that she squeaked!

These young ladies bless me so much that I almost feel selfish in teaching them each week. They are at an age that we can discuss real issues and sometimes they take me deeper than I had planned. And other times we giggle and talk about hair and make-up!

The one blessing I didn't expect from teaching is the wisdom I obtain from their parents. What a great spot for a young mom to view godly parenting. I glean wisdom from the parenting of these girls as they talk about how they were raised, life at home, and I even learn from the things they complain about. The products of 18 years of parenting sit before me and I take notes!

Yesterday I saw another group move on. The 9 & 10th grade Sunday school teacher and I often combine our classes and do fun things together from time to time. Because of that I have had the opportunity to hang out with these girls since they were freshman. Through slumber parties, shopping trips, and Sunday school I have been able to share the past 4 years with them. Now they are moving on.

I'm excited to continue to watch these ladies grow into amazing women. But, I am starting to think this yearly graduation thing is not going to get an easier.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Show Stoppers

In the excitement and busyness of so many wonderful events at once I've failed to post pics of Savannah's dance recital. She took tap, ballet, and jazz but with much wisdom her dance teacher decided one costume change per recital was enough for 6-year-olds. So they had two numbers in the show, one tap and one jazz. Savannah however is very excited to add ballet to the show next year because that means one more "beautiful costume!"

I love these pictures of Savannah and her good buddy. I think most of my pics last year were of these two together.

Jazzing it up!

Back stage.

My little dancer made a lot of progress this year and we are very proud of her. She inherited my coordination but with hard work and prayer we think she will overcome it. :)