Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Davy Crockett has replaced Barbie

I spent much of last week marinating in Texas history, politics, and pride. One might think this is because I went to Austin to testify in favor of the raw milk bill (details here). But in reality my participation in state politics was only a small part of it.

Savannah has been learning about Texas history in school this past month, just in time to coincide perfectly with a trip to the capitol. Now I have always been a lover of all things historical but even I cannot fathom how they have taught Texas history to this age group in a way that Davy Crockett has now surpassed Barbie in a young girl's heart.

Savannah fell in love with Austin and the capitol building. Every cannon we passed she asked if it was from the Battle of Gonzales where the Texas Revolution started. If you don't know the story of that famous cannon, google it cause I'm not telling it again!

We spent 11 hours at the capitol building last Wednesday. In between site seeing and waiting to testify we spent time on the beautiful grounds outside. We even had a tree that was "our" tree to hang out under. I think that's when you know you have been there too long.

Representative Brian Hughes welcomed us with open arms to Austin. He even gave Savannah his business card and when we walked away she said, "I am a six-year-old kindergartner and I have Representative Brian Hughes card. How cool is that!"

Savannah even bonded with one of his staff members. She helped to make it a good experience for Savannah.

I was suppose to testify for the bill sometime after 4 but the session ran long and I did not testify until 11pm. At that point things around the capitol kind of slow down and Savannah started feeling right at home. She was never bad and was even more patient than myself at times. Eventually our committee hearing started and she fell asleep in my lap. After testifying I carried her 300 or 400 yards to the car at almost midnight...in heels.

The next day we went to the Texas State History Museum which was wonderful! Show me another museum where kids learn to ride side saddle!

And it was the museum's 10th birthday so everyone got in free.

After reading every monument and children's book about the Texas revolution we drove home listening to The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Eyes of Texas are Upon You, And Deep in the Heart of Texas ALL the way home. All the way. By the last hour of the trip I started feeling like I needed a little time in Colorado! No seriously, our girls trip was a blast.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

We could not have asked for a better Easter. Saturday morning our church held it's big annual Easter egg hunt. Before the hunt the children gathered on the set of our Easter drama, The Sacrifice and listened to our pastor tell the true story of Easter and what it means to us. Everything around them looked like Jerusalem and the cross was before them. I pray that my children will someday understand the joy I have on Easter Sunday which has nothing to do with bunnies, eggs, or pretty dresses. For now they are content to listen and ask questions.

Easter morning we attended church and were fortunate to have my in-laws with us. The sermon was excellent, grounding, and inspiring. My Sunday school class however was a different story. Whose idea was it to have prom the night before Easter? My girls are champions for even coming to Sunday school the day after prom (they were all drinking red bull bless their hearts!).

After church we had a wonderful lunch of grass-fed all natural ham from Shady Grove Ranch (it was wonderful!), salad greens and radishes from our CSA, a homemade buttermilk dressing for the salad (my favorite! I think I'll put the recipe on my food blog soon), green beans, biscuits made with freshly ground flour that had been soaked and fermented, and deviled eggs brought by the in-laws.

Then of course we hunted eggs!

There were some out in the open for Archer and other hidden well for Savannah. Archer found the first one and was content to sit down and play with it. Papa helped him along though and then Archer got the hang of it.

After the egg hunt Mark and Savannah got their guitars out and Archer played under the table. Mark would play something and Savannah would try to play along. Strumming the wrong notes she would stop and try to tune the guitar saying, "I don't think my guitar has that tune." It was pretty funny.

All in all we had a beautiful day.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Archer's oral vocabulary as of today.

Car-ee (car-must be repeated 3,000 times per day)
Truck (again, must be repeated 3,000 times per day and anytime an engine is heard. This includes mowers, planes, helicopters, and blowers.)
Dog (followed by "oof oof" for the bark)
Down-ee (meaning I want down or up)
Ma ma (momma)
More (You can't take a bite of anything without him noticing and wanting more.)
Oar-ee (orange)
Toy (means tree, not toy)
what-is-it (more sung than said, as one word. Can also mean where is it. And very cute)
Ow (as if in pain but it really means meow. Usually used when speaking to a cat.)
Bye (actually meaning "bite" as in, he wants a bite of what you are eating)

This post is more for my documentation than your interest. 20 years from now I want to still remember every sweet word.

In the picture above Archer discovered water in the bottom of an open cooler where I had made yogurt. This was followed by an outfit change in dryer clothes. Good clean fun!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Podcast 2

Our second podcast is finally up! It's been ready for a week but I was having techinical difficulties. Like Savannah in the previous post, I am humbled daily with the fact that I am not the best at everything. And nothing will knock me on my rear end quicker than a mischevious computer.

Listen now.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Last Winter Dash

Savannah has been begging to go to Colorado all winter so we headed to Aspen for spring break.

Our first adventure took us to Buttermilk where the big kids to skied (Savannah, Ella, and Burton) and I hung out at the bottom of the mountain with the babies (George and Archer). Burton hung out with us for a bit while waiting for his turn to ski.

Savannah was frustrated that she was not an instant pro at sking. To make matters worse, her little cousin Ella was a pro zipping down the mountain. However Ella lives across the street from Buttermilk and has been taking weekly ski lessons and that was difficult for Savannah to understand. I am hoping to get Savannah into a ski class of her own next time.

Post-sking is a good time to do yoga with your Grandma. The babies were cracking me up as they joined in.

Savannah, Burton, and Arch hanging out.

Next Savannah tried rock climbing and was equally frustrated. You would not believe how high Ella can go. After watching Ella, Savannah thought it would be easy and was again dissapointed. But since we have been home she has talked about it a lot and I think she is ready to try it again. Humbling experiences are good and she is learning that she can't be the best at everything.

Savannah was more than excited to go swimming a few times over the week (because she is good at that). Arch however was not too sure about it at first. Once we found a peacfull cove in the lazy river he settled in and even enjoyed himself.

Per Savannah sledding was her favorite.

The trip ended by Grnadma and I taking all 5 kids back to Texas with us. But before we left Colorado we spent the afternoon with my grandparents. The kids would have liked to have had more time. At least summer is just around the corner!