Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Last of Summer

Here are a few pics from a summer evening play date with Savannah's good friend Ryan.

Savannah thoughtfully capturing Savannah Bear's picture. A masterpiece to be sure!

Ryan proudly climbing a "tree". My poor rose of sharon.

Good pals.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome George!

Into the night he came with a splash!
And the ambulance arrived in such a short dash
A few weeks early but 7 pounds strong
He stuck a foot out first, uh oh. That's wrong!
Emergency c-section in a great hurry
Emergency! Emergency! For there is much to worry!
Then under an oxygen tent he lay
And that is where he spent his first day
Heavily sedated, his momma slept
And the nameless baby a watch we kept
But all is well now and George is fine
And I think my new nephew is just divine!

George Browne Pendarvis
born 8/24/2009 in the middle of the night by great surprise.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Assessment

I'll begin with an acupuncture update since there are so many interested in this mysterious form of medicine. After being gone most of July my poor accu-p had to get creative. He tried to come up with ways to treat my abused body with as few needles as possible but to tell you the truth, there were still a ton! By far the most ever.

Glad to report 2 weeks later (last week) my accu-p's assessment showed my energy levels were WAY up (I could already tell before I went in) and I only needed a few needles to get in "balance".

Next up, the chiropractor. But let me preface this with a story from 7th grade. Some of you fellow HRBCers may remember this. The Wednesday night before Christmas break 7th grade year, I was exactly where I was suppose to be. At church, in the youth building. I was sitting around a table with my friends and got up for some reason. When I went to sit back down, my dear friend Jenny Buttram pulled the chair out from under me. Thus, I fractured my tailbone and endured the nickname "butt sling" for the next year.

This injury is fairly forgettable until pregnancy and then it resurfaces it's ugly head. Ladies and gentlemen, my derriere is killing me! Only when I sit of course. It happened last pregnancy too but is far worse this time around. So, if you see me slouching (it hurts more to sit straight up) or rather sitting on one hip or the other, I'm not being lazy, it's just that my butt hurts. Sorry, that's about as delicate as I can be on this subject.

Chiro-Kyle has recommend I get a memory foam pillow just for my behind (no sitting on donuts for pregnant women). So, that's my next quest.

Last week I also went for my ultrasound, blood work, and an OB appointment. I was excited about this. Finally a real sonogram to be sure there is just one baby!

I went in and told the lady I didn't want to know the sex of the baby. This causes you to have to turn your head away from the screen quite a bit. Apparently catching my offspring on camera was like trying to sonogram a ping pong ball during a game. It took forever!

When I did get to look I saw the most adorable little creature snuggled up to my uterus (I guess it was tired by then!). It would wiggle and then snuggle up to the side of my body again. So sweet. In most of the ultrasounds I've seen, it appears the baby is just floating. I've never seen one where the baby was snuggling up and trying to cuddle and bury it's head in the side of it's momma.

And did I mention there was just one? I told her she might want to do an ultrasound on my rear end to check for that other twin. After all, there sure has been a lot of growth there too!

Everything else was great and I feel wonderful (when I'm standing anyway!).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From the kitchen...

Every summer we visit my sister and her family in Aspen. And every summer I make a trip to the Aspen Saturday morning market. Although the market is full of tempting local organic meats, produce, breads and cheeses, by far my favorite is the fresh gourmet pasta by Pappardelle's. They have everything from orzo to well, papparedelle. And the flavors are out of this world! I highly recommend the spicy thai.

Much to my delight they now have a website so that I can these culinary treats year round! Last night we had garlic and chive pappardelle I brought home a couple of weeks ago. With is I made Garlic Chive Lemone sauce, a recipe from Pappardelle's website. Judging by the vigorous slurping sounds at the dinner table last night, it was a huge hit. Savannah stated with much enthusiasm many times "this is the best pasta ever!"

People are always asking me for a way to spice up their same old, heavily repeated dinners. Here is your chance to effortlessly become a culinary goddess! Just order a pasta and print off a recipe (don't worry, the recipes are easy).

Jeff, tell Dawn that the spicy thai was absolutely awesome with Mom's Curried Noodle recipe. It's worth a trip downtown to pick some up.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today Monday, August 10, 2009...

Outside my lush grass, blue skies, and 100% humidity.

I am thinking...that I stink and need to take a shower. Plesant thought isn't it? I'm sure you wanted to know that about me! Savannah and I have been working in the yard all morning.

I am thankful for...our church. As I sat in church yesterday I thought about all the people who do not have a church home. I can't imagine not being refreshed by hearing God's word every week. Although I read the bible at home, it's whole other experience to read it with others.

One of my favorite deep cleaning and organizing. There is something purifying about purging excess things. It makes life simpler.

I am wearing...workout shorts, a VBS t-shirt, 2 layers of sweat, and 3 layers of dirt.

I am creating...still, a nest. Today I nested in the yard. Oh, and I am growing a human being.

From the kitchen...we will have leftover asian lettuce wraps and Benihana salad (home made but just life Benihana's).

A few plans for the rest of the week...Mom's night out tonight, an overdue haircut, accupuncture, and playing.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

The Peteet yard. Summer 2009.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Monday, August 2, 2009...

Outside my window... cloudless blue skies and a refreshingly unseasonably decreased temperature.

I am thinking...that I stink at blogging lately. Apparently I am not a good communicator while pregnant. I have been focused inward on my family and organizing my home. That's nesting I guess. When I was pregnant with Savannah my version of nesting was shopping. One day I can home with a ton of batteries from Sam's in all sizes. Mark asked what they were all for. "We are going to be parents soon." I replied. "And tell me again what the batteries are for?" he asked. "I don't know. People just say that when you have kids you use a lot of batteries. I bought some in every size just in case. I guess we will need them for something!" Yup, that was my nesting last time.

I am thankful for...Dave Ramsey. Financial peace is a luxury these days and I am grateful we have it. We are dept free (no car payments or student loans!) except for our house and we are working on that now. During my quiet time with God this morning I actually thanked Him for Dave Ramsey. And this isn't the first time. We always thought we were wise with our money by not having credit card dept and contributing to our 401Ks. But we were thankful to learn how to use money beyond that and in a godly way. For those of you who just graduated college...pick up his book now!

Around the house...laundry is done, closets and shelves are being reorganized, extra things are being purged for a MOPS garage sale fundraiser (feel free to donate your extra stuff if you have some!), Savannah is napping or pretending to anyway, dough is rising, and I am sipping my daily naturally decaffeinated, afternoon hot green tea.

From the kitchen... dough is rising for Onion Mustard Monkey Bread that I have been craving. It is delicious even if you don't think it sounds good! The bread will accompany almond crusted chicken topped with an orange reduction sauce and lightly steamed broccoli.

I am wearing...bright green workout shorts and a hot pink maternity tank top.

I am creating...a nest! I cannot begin to tell you what all I am doing to nest! My mom just helped me recover an old step stool that belonged to Mark's grandmother whom we bought the house we live in now from. It was in bad shape but Mark couldn't stand the thought of getting rid of it because of all the memories he had as a child standing on it in the kitchen. Mom and I surprised him with a stool make over and he loved it.

I am reading...The Shelters of Stone by Jean M. Auel which is the 5th and final book in her Clan of the Cave Bear series that started in the 80's. I have to say that out of all of the books, this is my least favorite. You can tell she got really into researching the time period (25,000-35,000 years ago. Towards the end of the ice age I think). It's as if she just wanted to tell us how the people lived in great detail and she used the beloved characters of Ayla and Jondaler to display her knowledge or rather educate us.

I am a little more of the book mentioned above when I am done with this.
Who cares if it is boring, it's about Ayla and Jondaler!

A few plans for the week...a much needed date night, lots of playdates since we were gone the whole month of July, a trip to Pump it Up, sonogram, blood work, and a MD appointment. All fun stuff!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

The Dallas World Aquarium, July 2009. One of our many adventures over the past month.