Monday, March 28, 2011

Polka Dot Frenzy!

We lucked out this year with not having to do a character themed birthday party. Per Savannah's request the decor was to include lot's of bright colors and polka dots. Sounds like fun to me!

While we were in Aspen for spring break, Mark was home building a wooden playset complete with fort and swings. To be clear, he built this from scratch. There was no kit. This new toy provided the focal point for Savannah's old fashioned and simple backyard birthday party.

An egg toss and potato sack race completed the agenda.

Notice that it was an amazingly beautiful day with warm weather and sweet scented wisteria on our arbor blooming just in time to frame the party. A breeze gently blew every now and then awakening the wind chimes while children happily entertained themselves (aka wore themselves out so the adults could get a break).

It was a good party!

Savannah herself was dressed in bright polka dots and an unusual bow. Someone said it looked like something out of Dr. Seuss. I totally agree. What could be more Savannah?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Offering of Love

He gathered the three monetary items that were most precious to him. These treasures were his sentimental favorites out of all the things the Lord had blessed him with. And without hesitation he offered them one by one in hopes of showing his undying affection for another living being. Will his offereing be accepted?

He gently laid the DVD player remote and the cats paws followed by the most important and fought over universal white remote. Lastly, little Archer presented his biggest sacrifice. He gave Chicory his special blankie, Archer Bear. His eyes said, "I love you." as his actions echoed the message.

Once all the offerings were laid at Chicory's feet, Archer then laid his own head down on the cat and just loved on him. And now we have turned a new page with the relationship of these two. Chicory has accepted him as another buddy like his good pal Savannah. Archer has been upgraded from foe to a friend whom Chicory and curl up in his lap (albeit for a short time) and snuggle. Some how this peace offering made up for the tail pulling, slapping, screaming, and other abuse Chicory was once subjected to.

I'll try to capture some of their sweet moments soon with the camera.

By the way, Archer has never offered up the remotes to me. Should I be worried?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, March 7th, 2011.

Outside my window...the weather is contemplating it's mood. Spring or winter? The birds are casting their vote by song. I'm pretty sure it's spring.

Around the house...Archer is napping Praise the Lord. All is quiet (except for the birds outside), the house is clean and tidy for the most part, and my washing machine awaits the maintenance man. This is why the house is tidy because there is no laundry sitting around waiting to be put up. It is still all neatly stowed in hampers.

I am thankful for...choices. I have the pleasure of deciding if I will eat healthy or not, what school is best for my children, where I want to go to church, and a million other things. Sometimes the choices we have in life are overwhelming. I feel blessed to have enough to be overwhelmed with.

From the kitchen...homemade broth has been labeled and stored in neat containers the freezer and leftover homemade enchiladas await the dinner hour.

I am reading...nothing! I desperately need a trip to the library but until then there are several things that I am researching on the Internet that are occupying my spare time.

I am creating... my new website still. The bones of it are up but it has no bling. A cheetah wall hanging is in the works for Archer's jungle room. And I recently finished my first embroidery job by hand. Oh, and I am creating the plan for Savannah's birthday present and party.

I am laughing at...Savannah wanting to serve a large bowl of scrambled eggs at her birthday party. That girl is a hoot in her culinary ideas. She has been following me around with recipe books for weeks! I see event planning in her future.

Here is a picture thought for you...

We recently had a family party at my mom's. Every time I turned around Archer had talked someone into giving him more blueberries. I assure you we were seeing blue the next day.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Real Day Dreams

Yesterday afternoon Archer and I could be found hanging out in the kitchen. Up from his afternoon nap and past nursing/cuddle/wake-up time we still found ourselves together. I was holding him as he stuck his favorite "Archer Bear Blanket" in my mouth and then let out a sweet baby belly laugh. Then we would wrap his arms around me and sink his head into my chest in a deep hug as if he could not love on me enough and I on him. And then we repeated the process several more times as warming sunshine poured through the kitchen window. The moment was so perfect and sweet I almost expected a care bear to come flying through the window at any moment.

At that point I noticed my ipod was still playing random tunes from my library and Canon in D filled the air.

I can't help but think of weddings when I hear this song. Although it was not played at my own wedding, I have heard it at no less than 25 weddings and that's probably an underestimation.

I looked at Archer who was in my arms nose to nose with me smiling and realized that these are the moments a bride dreams of on her wedding day and I am blessed enough to live out past day dreams.

There is nothing better than your wedding day when you get to marry the man of your dreams. You wonder if you will have kids. Which one of you will they look like? Will you stay home with them? And will it all be so wonderful and perfect like a dream?

Perfect? Um, no. Wonderful? Oh, yes!

Later, Savannah came home from school and we all played outside. She gladly accepted leadership and patiently helped her brother go down the slide 30 times. As the sun set low behind their heads, their blond hair lit up like halos framing smiles and laughter. And once again I thought back on all the things I dreamed of on my wedding day and thanked God.

And finally last night no one got sleep at all in this house. Not even Savannah who never wakes up in the middle of the night. Right now I would say I am going on 3 hours of rest. It was just a fluke I guess and evidence that life is not perfect nor a fairy tale. But if you can miss out on sleep and still get up and blog about how great it is, then I would say it's all pretty darn good!