Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Heights

This past summer Savannah conquered her hindering fear of heights and I could not be more proud of her. Last May the same girl who can be seen in the picture below scaling a 3 story high wall, would not walk up an open staircase.

In the picture above my nephew Burton is on the left (he just likes gliding down off the wall and who could blame him) and my niece, billy-goat-Ella is on the right conquering a difficult course with ease.

Below Savannah is on the left and Ella is on the right. My little climber made it just a few feet shy of the top (3 stories high!). Through several attempts she wore herself out by the time she developed the skill and courage to go higher. And she is determined next time she will make it all the way to the top to ring the bell.

Almost there...

Did I mention we were in Aspen during this triumph? Here we are at ACES on Archer's first hike where he fell into the lake. I knew beforehand it was only a matter of time. My guess was that he was going to fall into the River Walk in San Antonio the week before. Luckily he waited and fulfilled hi s destiny here.

Every summer since Savannah was 1 year old she has played in the little stream that runs through the downtown area of Aspen. You would think the being surrounded
by nature that a child could find more exciting things to occupy their time. Maybe the tiny stream is just their size. Who knows why, but kids love it. I couldn't find the pictures of Savannah when she was in the stream at age one but here she is at the age of 2.

And here are the kids this summer (we've added a few since the early picture). George wandered off and missed out on this picture but he joined us later.

Ella and Savannah...I hope they always remain close in spite of the miles.

Monday, August 8, 2011

All Aboard!

A few weeks ago my good friend Rachel and her son Dealey rode the train out to my house for a visit. I took a few shots us playing on the trains at the station but for some reason I never captured Dealey or Archer???? I am fairly sure they were with us.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, Sunday August 7, 2011.

Outside my window...cicadas are announcing the extreme temperatures as if we had not noticed already. But the sun is setting and the mercury has dropped below 100 providing relief.

I am thinking...that I have not written a day book in months and have missed it. I romanticize the "simple life" and stay very busy trying to achieve it. Somehow this small weekly habit slows my run-away-train-brain down.

I am hoping...that all goes well when our new classes start at church. It just hit me tonight that I will have all high school girls by myself instead of just 11th and 12th grade. I'm sure God has a plan (perhaps someone waiting in the wings reading this now with a desire to work with youth??? Anyone???) but I must admit that I'm a little nervous. I love my small group of girls.

From the kitchen...shredded meat from grass-fed short ribs on open faced toasted sandwiches with blue cheese, arugula, and sauteed red onions in balsamic vinegar. Adjectives do not do this meal justice. And for dessert a summertime family tradition, lime ice cream made with hand-squeezed lime juice and fresh cream from local grass-fed cows. Yum.

I am creating...many things. This is the time of year I get a bit restless. My mantle has been redecorated, several things moved to new locations around the house, things are being recovered, painted over, and preparations are being made for large painting projects and removal of a wall or 2 depending on my mood. Mark is currently hiding the sledge hammer from me for fear of what he may find when he comes home from work. On a smaller scale, I just made 2 fun wreaths out of burlap at my friend Lee Ann's birthday party. Did you catch that? I got to go to an adult birthday party and make a craft that did not involve glitter! Good times.

I am thankful for...the busy summer we have had. We have been home very little with non-stop fun, family, friends, and travel. It's been an adventure but I am equally as glad to be home.

Around the house...one sweet little boy is sleeping (he's always sweet when he's asleep) and 2 other family members who shall remain nameless can be heard from across the house slurping up a second helping of ice cream. The slurps are audible.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Archer Edward Peteet picking blackberries June 2011 and savoring every bite.