Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kids, kids, and more kids

Here are a few recent pics of the kiddos. They were taken at a family reunion last weekend.

At 9 months of age, Archer is ready to explore the world in spite of being a bit of a Mamma's boy. And as you can tell, Savannah as always is highly entertaining. The picture of my kids with 2 extra kids includes my cousin Brenda's girls. I have a picture of Savannah at her first reunion with these two sweeties holding her just like they are holding Archer. They make great pseudo-big-sisters/cousins.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Buddy System Continues

Last week my long-time friend Rachel came for a visit along with her son Cohen. When I say "long-time" I mean a very long time. She and I met in church at the age of three. I don't remember life without her and I am pretty sure she was my first friend.

Now we have two little guys who were born three weeks apart. They had a good time playing together and Rachel and I had a good time in spite of them never napping at the same time.

We tried to sneak away for some girl time and leave them in Archer's room playing. But, apparently their hearing is perfect and they were able to follow our voices and eventually track us down.

Both sets of buddies are looking forward to more playdates.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Homemade Fireflies

Here is the chandelier I have been working on with the creative help of my mother. What started as a lamp shade now adds whimsy and ambience to our back porch. For now I have tea light candles in my mason jars but I kind of like the idea of years of candle wax piling up on the bottom marking time as if they were geology. Or I might make them all oil lamps with wicks and olive oil. Who knows.