Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess This Song

As I quizzed Savannah on her state abbreviations and state capitols a sweet little three year old boy echoed our words wanting so badly to participate. And then finally we said one he knew (or at least he thought he knew).

Me: Colorado
Savannah: Denver, CO
Archer: Denver!

Me: Mississippi
Savannah: Jackson, MS
Archer: Jackson!

Me: Texas
Savannah: Austin, TX
Archer: Austin!

Me: West Virgina
Archer: (interrupting with great confidence and excitement) Blue Ridge Mountains!!!

Now, here is the riddle. From this reply can you guess what Archer's favorite song is. Kathy, I know you know this song (that's your hint too!). There is also a clue in one of the other states listed above.


Kathy said...

"Country Roads" by John Denver!

Christina said...

I knew you would know it Kathy!