Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Highlights Part 1

2012 was a blur of fun and challenges neither of which allowed for much blogging. I am excited to say that I blogged all the books I read for the year but for the first time in the several years that I have had this blog, little personal experience has been recorded.
Thus, I have posted the highlights from last year which I never took the time to blog about as they happened. Every picture is worth numerous stories and each one deserves a post of their own. Well, maybe next year. For now, these are just the highlights!
Savannah and I on a girls trip to Houston to see the King Tut exhibit. These 2 chicks could live in a museum!
Savannah is Aspen on Buttermilk. She is so much like me. Sports with balls are out of the question but a ball-less sport (my own made up word) has potential. She is eagerly awaiting ski school 2013.

While Savannah was in ski school my sister and I slipped away for a couple of nights over the mountain to visit my grandparents...without kids! We have not had our grandparents to ourselves since we had children. It was just like old times. And speaking of old times, look at that sweet couple up above. They are my grandparents who act like honeymooners! Aren't they awesome?

Granny Smiles, Dawn, and me.

Arch and I at the zoo just the 2 of us playing while Savannah was in school.

Here is Java chillin' in Mark's lap during "Bring Your Pet to School" day. She just laid there in the midst of rabbits, gerbils, and dogs sniffing her. Either she is the most laid back cat ever or at the age of 17 (that's 127 in human years) she has no idea where she is anyway!
My mom's famous words, "I have extra weeks in the condo that need to be used. Let's go to Disney World!" I think she actually says this every 2 months! Needless to say both kids had a blast but we missed Mark being there with us. He needs about 2 months vacation time to keep up with us.

We have taken both kids to a disney park (world or land) as infant (that wasn't really on purpose) and as toddlers. Savannah has also been at age 5 and 7. ALL AGES ARE GREAT. Savannah is now into the rides which is fun for all adults. But Archer was in awe of meeting his favorite characters (Savannah was too at that age) which is fun for adults to watch.

After being at The World for a week we headed to the beach for a week with cousins. Grandma always has to get a jammie shot.

Mark and Arch playing ans singing Country Roads, Archer's favorite.

No lie, this alligator tried to eat me! Savannah ran and I screamed but at the time alligators were Archer's favorite so he never panicked.
This takes us through September. Let's see if I get part 2 up before we ring in the new year!

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